The First Frame


Like almost every other film shooter I started with digital. I bought a Canon SL1, then decided it was too big and bought an Olympus OMD EM5 MK 2. I still love that camera, and shoot it whenever I am asked to take pictures. It is small, all black and happens to look just like a classic Olympus OM series camera.

This led me to my first film camera. I was searching for “Olympus” on the Facebook market in hopes of finding a lens. Then I stumbled upon a Olympus OM2 kit for the low low price of 15 dollars. For that low of a price and a camera with two extra lenses I bought it and gave film a shot. I messaged the lady, met up at a local Walgreens, bought a battery and some film and… it was broken.


I wish I could say my pictures turned out amazing but to be quite honest they were just okay. But the process of taking these pictures is what hooked me. I was much more careful with this camera. I planned my shots and asked myself constantly “is this worth the film”. And while the pictures were not all great, the two or three that I was happy with filled me with more joy than any shot from a digital camera.

Film made me slow down and think. I had to read the light for every shot and adjust according to it. I felt like I was actually making something and not just pushing a button and letting the camera figure it out. A film camera is just a light tight box with a hole in it, it’s up to the photographer to actually make something with it. I couldn’t rely on software or a fancy sensor to fix my shot. It was all up to me. Soon enough my digital camera was in the drawer and my film camera was always in my bag.

Since then I haven’t looked back. Without the ability to see how your shot turned out, film forces you to be in the moment. You take a picture then you move on and hope you did things right. It also makes you more careful because film and developing isn’t cheap! When you have to pay to see your picture that tree in the distance isn’t so appealing anymore.

I have been at this for a few months now and I am still learning, experimenting and just having fun with it. The film community online has been extremely welcoming and helpful which is a nice change considering how the internet usually is. This blog is my contribution to a wonderful community in which I have found a home.

Happy Shooting,


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